Production Facility

Established to meet the requirements of food & beverage courts operated by BTA in 2006, Cakes&Bakes production facility offers more than 2,500 products today. Reaching a production capacity of 7 million high-quality and delicious flavors for 130 different brands, the production facility signed agreements with world-famous chains in a short period of time. Thanks to the increasing demand, the Turkish delight production initiated in 2013 continues at various locations under 8 brands producing 40 different kinds of Turkish delight totalling over 90 tons a month., Cakes&Bakes has been providing flavours to various brands in the food & beverage industry as well as our own BTA group companies and Private Label products since 2014.

Today, the products of Cakes&Bakes, which are produced in a 23,000 m2 production facility and distributed to international restaurants and cafes operating in Turkey, are sold at 3,500 different locations.

Having hundreds of recipes and operating at a high production capacity whilst adhering to global hygiene standards, Cakes&Bakes increases the number of its delicious recipes day by day offering different flavours to the customers thanks to its powerful R&D department.

With production for chain restaurants, national food brands in the retail market place and supermarket chains, Cakes&Bakes decreases the operational loads of the companies while increasing their profitability. As a result, Cakes&Bakes is an essential business partner in the food & beverage industry.


7 Million


130 Brands